What does WIC offer?

W I C: Good food and a whole lot more. WIC Program provides food benefits and health benefits families with children under the age of 5 and women who are pregnant or post-partum.

Scott County WIC Offices:
WIC @ Edgerton Women's Health Center, 563-359-6635
WIC @ CHC 563-322-1105

Health Benefits:

  • Mini health check-ups by health professionals
  • Individualized nutrition counseling
  • Breastfeeding support for moms & new babies
  • Lead screenings
  • Referrals to community agencies

Food Benefits:

  • Food Vouchers for each family member on WIC
  • Nutritious foods including fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Infant/baby foods: formula, cereal, vegetables, fruit & meats

Foods provided by Iowa WIC Program

Milk Eggs
Whole Grain Cereals Peanut Butter
Fruit Juice Whole grains: tortillas, bread, rice
Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables Fish: tuna or slmon
Dried beans and lentils  

Registered Dietitians provide individual counseling every 6 months to WIC clients.

How to qualify for Iowa WIC:

Live in Iowa Child or children under age 5
Have Medicaid or meet income guidelines Pregnant woman

*Children & infants, under age 5, with an Iowa State Medical Waiver are eligible for WIC benefits.
* Pregnant woman counts as a family of 2.
Guardians, single dads, grandparent, aunts, uncles, foster parents, with children under age 5; the child may qualify for WIC. 

Call to see if you qualify.
Scott County WIC Offices:
WIC @ Edgerton Women’s Health Center, 563-359-6635
WIC @ CHC 563-322-1105

Additional Service Offered:

  1. Free immunizations to children living in Iowa under the age of 19 who are underinsured, uninsured or have Iowa Medicaid. Child DOES NOT have to be on WIC.
    Call for an appointment: 563-322-1105
  2. Dental Screening and fluoride varnish application for children with Iowa Medicaid or private insurance. Community Health Care Dental provides dental services at WIC